A SWAT team was called out, but seven squatters were evicted peacefully Wednesday from a vacant home in Seattle's Central Area.

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King County sheriff’s deputies evicted seven people early Wednesday from a vacant house that had been taken over as part of the Occupy Seattle movement. Deputies told TV and radio reporters at the scene the seven appeared to be squatters who did not have a political motive. The house, however, is covered in graffiti, including “no banks, no landlords” and “capitalism is exploitation.”

Chief Deputy Steve Strachan says the SWAT team was called out because of reports the home may have been booby-trapped. A bomb robot checked a suspicious package and found it was harmless.

The seven left peacefully. No one was arrested.

The house on 23rd Avenue near East Alder Street in Seattle’s Central Area has an out-of-town owner and was in the process of being remodeled.