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Every now and then I get to take a break from producing a column for Saturday’s print edition of the newspaper. That gives me some extra time to focus on longer term projects, such as a bigger-than-usual sketch-story coming up in March (Stay tuned for that!). But even if there’s no Sketcher in the paper this week, here are a few pages from my everyday pocket sketchbook for my loyal web readers. I hope you like them.
I posted a photo of this sketch on my Facebook page right after I did the line art. I sketched from the car while my kids played their Nintendo DS games on the back seats and my wife picked up some things at the store. On Facebook, I asked readers if I should add color. Most said the sketch was fine in black and white and didn’t need color at all. I agreed with that, but I went ahead and added color to it anyway. Sorry, guys, I shouldn’t ask if I don’t plan to follow the advice, right?
I had a good reason to add color, though. I used the sketch to show a group of eighth-graders how to work with watercolors. The demonstration was part of a two-part class I taught at an elementary school in Edmonds the last two Fridays. During the first session, I talked about creating quick line sketches, as the one you see on the left page above. The second session focused on color, and that’s when I colored the Safeway sketch and the portrait of one of the students that also appears above.
A sketch of fellow bus commuters done with my regular handy-dandy Lamy Safari fountain pen.
And last, a pencil sketch drawn during one of the many exciting basketball games my son has been playing on Saturday morning. The season is over now but the break from sports activities won’t last. Little league is just around the corner, which will give me another opportunity to indulge in sketching that is not subject to deadlines.
What has drawn your attention around Seattle lately? Send me your suggestions of interesting places and people to sketch via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. Have a great weekend!