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Photo: Commute Seattle

The Commute Seattle survey results released last week found that 3 percent of Seattleites bike to work.  While that might not sound like much, it is actually one of the highest bicycle commuter rates in the nation — and it pencils out to more than 11,000 folks riding to work every day.

Also keep in mind that 3 percent is a citywide average.  So naturally, some areas of Seattle outperform that number, while others lag behind.  But which ones?  Which neighborhoods stand out as cycling hot spots, and by how much?  And which neighborhoods have the lowest rates of bike commuters?

To find out, I analyzed 2012 bike commuting estimates from data provider Experian.  I used this data to create a neighborhood-by-neighborhood map of Seattle’s cycling landscape.  On the map, each color-coded circle represents a city neighborhood.   Mouse over the circle to see the neighborhood name and the percent of bike commuters who live there.   Neighborhoods with orange and red dots exceed the 3 percent city bike commuting average.  Neighborhoods with a yellow and green dot are below, or exactly at, the city average.

Where does your neighborhood rank?  Is it closer to University Heights, where nearly 1 in 10 workers are pedal-powered?  Or more like Pioneer Square, where nobody rides?

[do action=”custom_iframe” url=”” width=”630″ height=”1200″ scrolling=”no”/] Credit: Whitney Stensrud/The Seattle Times