With no time to spare, a father snatched his 2-year-old out of the path of a speeding car that crashed into his home on Thursday.

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TOPPENISH, Yakima County — Aurelio Rodriguez quickly pulled his 2-year-old daughter from bed Thursday morning when he noticed a car headed for his small house on Washington Avenue.

He grabbed her just in time. The car, reported stolen earlier Thursday morning, rammed through the wall and into the area where the child was sleeping.

“I heard the sirens first, then I saw the car coming right at us,” Rodriguez said.

There were four children in the home when the car slammed into the house, and none was injured. However, an elderly woman, Denise Andrews, was injured when a television was thrown against her arm as the car came through the wall, said her sister, Marie Slagle.

“We are going to take her to the hospital,” Slagle said.

The incident began just around the corner on Track Road when a Yakima County Sheriff’s deputy spotted the car that had been reported stolen moments earlier.

But when he attempted to stop the vehicle, the driver sped around the corner, spun out and hit the small home.

“By the time I caught up with (the car), he’d crashed right here,” deputy Brian McIlrath said at the scene.

The driver was arrested and faces auto-theft charges, he said.