The 2,000-passenger Norwegian Sun cruise ship is headed to Seattle for repairs after it hit a piece of ice near Hubbard Glacier off the coast of Alaska, according to a spokesperson for Norwegian Cruise Line.

The cruise line said the ship hit a “growler,” which NOAA defines as fragment of ice about the size of a truck or grand piano. They extend less than 3 feet above the sea surface and occupy an area of about 215 square feet. Growlers can originate from glaciers or shelf ice and may come from a large iceberg that has broken up, according to NOAA.

The ship then sailed to Juneau for further assessment, where it was decided the voyage would be shortened and the next cruise, scheduled to embark Thursday, will be canceled so the necessary repairs can be made, according to the cruise line.

The ship, which left Seattle June 21, was given clearance to return at reduced speed for repairs. Norwegian Cruise Line said all guests onboard would disembark in Seattle as originally planned.

The cruise line said guests who were on the June 21 sailing will get a full refund of the voyage fare as well as a cruise credit for future travel worth 100% of the original voyage fare.  

People who were scheduled to sail on the Thursday sailing will also receive a full refund of the voyage fare, a future cruise credit valued at 50% of the original voyage fare, as well as up to $300 per person for any airline fees, the cruise line said.