Tukwila police say a 37-year-old man killed his cousin, stuffed his body in a suitcase, then cleaned the crime scene with bleach. The suspect’s brother called police the day before the victim’s body was found.

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A 37-year-old Tukwila man was ordered held on $2 million bail after police say he killed his cousin and stuffed his remains in a suitcase.

A judge Saturday found probable cause to hold Rosalio Ramos-Ramos on investigation of first-degree murder, and formal charges are expected to be filed Wednesday, according to King County prosecutors.

The King County Medical Examiner’s Office has not yet released the victim’s identity or his cause of death. However, he is identified as Ramos-Ramos’ cousin and roommate in the probable-cause statement outlining the Tukwila Police Department’s case against Ramos-Ramos.

On Jan. 10, Ramos-Ramos’ brother — who also lives in the apartment in the 5200 block of South 152nd Place — called police and asked them to perform a welfare check on Ramos-Ramos, the statement says. The brother reported Ramos-Ramos has a history of mental illness, was upset and was throwing things around the apartment, it says.

The brother, who met officers outside the apartment, also reported finding blood in the bathroom and on a shower curtain and told them he thought Ramos-Ramos might have killed someone, according to the statement.

The officers found Ramos-Ramos to be “relatively calm” and aside from a small spot of blood on the shower curtain, the officers “did not notice any obvious sign of a crime.” Police left the apartment when it appeared Ramos-Ramos was no longer in crisis, the statement says.

The next day, a woman living in an apartment building directly south of the brothers’ apartment called 911 to report finding human remains in a suitcase that had been left in a covered breezeway, the probable-cause statement says.

She told officers that the previous afternoon, she saw a man dragging a suitcase down the exterior stairs, which he then left outside her apartment before walking away, the statement says. The suitcase was still outside later that night and when she left for work Thursday morning.

When she returned home from work that afternoon, she opened the suitcase and discovered the remains inside, the statement says.

Other residents told police they had seen people associated with Ramos-Ramos’ apartment taking items from the apartment and disposing of them in trash and recycling bins. Officers checked the bins and found a large butcher knife with a missing handle and plastic bags containing bloody clothing and a pair of athletic shoes, the statement says.

The apartment manager also provided photos of Ramos-Ramos tossing items off the balcony of his apartment into the parking lot the day before the remains were discovered, the statement says. Officers showed Ramos-Ramos’ brother a photo of the suitcase, and he confirmed that it had been inside his apartment.

On Friday, forensic investigators from the State Patrol Crime Lab “found extensive evidence of blood loss on the kitchen floor and throughout the bathroom,” as well as swipe marks indicating someone had tried to clean the crime scene, according to the statement. Blood was found on a bottle of bleach in a cupboard below the kitchen sink and detectives observed Ramos-Ramos’ hands “appeared to have suffered the type of damage caused by contact with bleach or some other type of strong cleaning solution,” the statement says.