Three teenage girls from Spokane took an across-the-state road trip in a stolen car, then robbed a woman in Bellevue for gas money and used her credit card to get their nails done, according to King County prosecutors.

The girls — two 16-year-olds and a 17-year-old — were arrested by Bellevue police on Sunday afternoon and booked into the Youth Services Center in Seattle, court records show. Two of them remain in detention while the third was released, according to prosecutors.

The two still in detention were charged Wednesday with first-degree robbery, possession of a stolen vehicle, and two counts of second-degree identity theft. They are next scheduled to appear in court on Thursday. The 16-year-old who was released was charged with taking a motor vehicle without permission and two counts of second-degree identity theft. A hearing on her case is set for Feb. 20.

The charges relate only to alleged crimes committed in Bellevue. All three entered not guilty pleas on Friday.

“It was just a real odd case because it involved a trio of juvenile females and they went on a cross-state crime spree,” said Bellevue police Sgt. Shelby Shearer. “We were able to catch ’em and put a stop to it … It could’ve turned out disastrous. Their crimes were very reckless, to say the least.”

The spree began in Spokane on Jan. 24: A woman was walking to her car after work in a lot not too far from the downtown business area “when she feels that sense of foreboding” and looked up and saw three teenage girls, who tried to take her car keys, a spokesman for the Spokane Police Department said. The woman later told officers she was “rugby tackled” and one of the girls pressed her knee across the woman’s throat as the keys were pried from her hand, the spokesman said.


After driving 300 miles to Seattle, arriving on Saturday, the girls allegedly committed a couple robberies, a theft and a hit-and-run, according to Shearer. The Seattle Police Department’s media unit on Friday was unable to confirm or provide details of the girls’ alleged crimes in the city.

Early Sunday, the trio led Mercer Island police on a chase across Interstate 90 but evaded capture, Shearer said.

Then just after 11 a.m. Sunday, they pulled up alongside a woman near the Home Depot in the 300 block of 120th Avenue Northeast in Bellevue, knocked her to the ground, stole her purse and ran over her arm as they drove away, according to Shearer and the criminal charges. Witnesses called 911 and the victim required multiple stitches to close a large gash on her arm, the charges say.

Shearer supervised a team of officers who began tracking the girls from a variety of purchases they made with the victim’s credit and bank cards.

They tracked the 17-year-old to a nail salon in a small strip mall in the 1600 block of 140th Avenue Northeast in Bellevue, where the other two had already had their nails done, according to the charges. The girls paid $175 for nail treatments, the charges say.

When officers arrived and arrested the 17-year-old, “She was upset she didn’t get one of her pinkies done,” Shearer said.


The two 16-year-olds were arrested in the produce section of a Safeway grocery store next to the nail salon and police found the stolen Honda Civic in the parking lot, he said.

According to Shearer, the girls had planned to next go to Tacoma.

“They were surprised Bellevue wasn’t Tacoma. They thought they were close,” he said.