A 29-year-old Newcastle man was charged Tuesday with third-degree assault, accused of injuring a woman when his handgun discharged in a Renton movie theater last week.

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King County prosecutors on Tuesday charged a 29-year-old Newcastle man with third-degree assault, accusing him of criminal negligence for allegedly discharging a 9- mm handgun inside a Renton movie theater last week, injuring a woman seated in front of him.

Dane Gallion, who had a concealed-pistol license, was ordered by a judge to surrender his firearms and not to consume alcohol or nonprescribed drugs as conditions of his bail, charging papers say.

He was booked into the King County Jail early Friday and was released less than 24 hours later after posting $25,000 bail, jail records show.

Dan Donohoe, a spokesman for Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, said Tuesday that Gallion’s bail was to be raised to $100,000 but he was not taken back into custody and was making arrangements to post the larger bail amount.

The injured woman was struck in the shoulder by a bullet that shattered her collar bone, according to charging documents. Doctors at Harborview Medical Center decided not to remove the slug for fear doing so would cause additional damage, the charges say.

She has since been released from the hospital.

Just after 10 p.m. Thursday, Renton police officers responded to the Regal Cinemas 14 at the Landing after a woman was shot inside auditorium 9, charging papers say. The theater manager reported that a short time earlier, a male customer who appeared to be intoxicated had stumbled in the door and walked into the auditorium.

The same man stumbled out immediately after the shooting and ditched a handgun magazine in a trash can, according to the charges.

About 1½ hours later, a King County sheriff’s 911 dispatcher relayed to Renton police that Gallion’s father had called and said he believed his son was the shooter, the charges say. The father said Gallion had come home extremely upset and said his gun had fallen out of his pocket and went off inside the Renton movie theater, say charging papers.

Police went to Gallion’s house in Newcastle, then drove him to the Renton Police Department to be interviewed, say the charges. One officer could smell intoxicants on Gallion but said he did not appear extremely impaired, the charges say.

According to the charges:

Renton police say Gallion told an officer another movie goer had reached for Gallion’s crotch and that his gun accidentally fired. But in a later interview with a detective, Gallion said someone sitting next to him was bothering him but he “was not able to expound on what the person was doing to bother him.”

When Gallion sat down in the theater, he chambered a round in his 9-mm Smith & Wesson. Gallion kept the gun unholstered in his waistband but later, the gun fell out of his pocket.

Gallion “denied ever handling the gun when it went off or knowing that anyone had been hit with the round that had been fired,” the charges say.

Prosecutors say he could not explain why he had chambered a round in his handgun or why he racked a second round, according to the charges, which note police found a spent shell casing and an unfired bullet under a seat in the theater.

Police say his handgun was not equipped with a safety.

Gallion ditched a gun magazine in the trash before leaving the theater after his weapon fired during a showing of “13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi,” say the charges.

Police say Gallion told them he took his gun to the theater because he feared mass shootings and left because he was concerned other moviegoers would think he was a mass-shooting suspect.

Police also say Gallion told officers he took medication for anxiety on Thursday morning and had pizza and a 22-ounce beer before the going to the movie alone, the charges say.