Shots were fired and a driver was punched in a road rage confrontation on the lower West Seattle Bridge on Tuesday afternoon, according to Seattle police.

Police said they believe a driver of a Honda and a driver of a Subaru “engaged in a windows-down, verbal altercation about merging” while driving south on Highway 99. The Subaru driver then allegedly spit on a passenger in the Honda. Each car had a male driver and a female passenger.

When both cars stopped at the traffic light at West Marginal Way Southwest and Southwest Spokane Street, the Honda’s driver and passenger got out and banged on the windows of the Subaru, police said, with the Honda driver punching the Subaru driver through an open window. The Subaru driver then tried to drive away and crashed into the Honda, police said.

The Honda driver and passenger then shot at the Subaru, hitting one of the tires. Police said the Honda driver said he was afraid he would be pinned between the cars and that’s why they fired the guns, while the Subaru driver said he and his passenger were trying to get away when they were fired upon.

People from both cars called 911 and police arrived at the scene at about 4:50 p.m. Both drivers declined medical treatment and no arrests were made.

The Honda’s driver and passenger both had valid concealed carry licenses and surrendered their guns as evidence, police said.