Jailed since June, 25-year-old Tedgy Wright has been charged with rape, assault, robbery and firearms charges in connection with three alleged attacks on women he met on social media and dating websites. Sheriff's detectives think there are more victims out there.

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King County sheriff’s detectives are asking for the public’s help in identifying other potential victims of a 25-year-old Skyway man who has been jailed since June, accused of raping two women and assaulting a third when she didn’t leave his apartment quickly enough after having consensual sex.

Detectives believe there are women out there who have been too scared to come forward and hope the news that Tedgy Wright is currently locked up will help them feel less fearful about reporting a crime, said sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Ryan Abbott. Wright met all of his alleged victims on social media and dating websites.

“He was scaring them so bad, threatening to kill them and kill their families,” Abbott said of the victims in the charged cases.

“The biggest message is, even if this happened a year ago, we want people to come forward and we’ll have a detective follow up,” he said, encouraging anyone with information to call 911 or the sheriff’s nonemergency line, 206-296-3311.

According to court records:

Wright was charged with first-degree rape and first-degree unlawful possession after a 28-year-old Auburn woman called 911, saying a man she met online had intimidated her with a gun and forced her to have sex with him on May 29, charging papers say. He stole jewelry from her dresser and took her phone, but returned it as he left and again threatened to kill her and her son if she reported what had happened, the charges say.

The woman, who didn’t know her assailant’s name, called police and underwent a sexual-assault exam. DNA recovered from her body was matched to Wright’s DNA and she identified him from a police photo montage, say the charges.

Early on June 16, a 26-year-old woman called 911 and screamed that a man with a gun was going to kill her as she hid in the woods behind a Skyway apartment complex, charging papers say.

After having consensual sex with a man named “Trey” in his apartment, the woman told deputies he grabbed her by the hair, slammed her into walls and punched her in the face when she didn’t leave fast enough, charging papers say. He threatened to pistol whip her and retrieved a gun from his bedroom and she fled the apartment half naked, say the charges.

Wright was charged with second-degree assault and first-degree unlawful possession of a firearm in that case, according to court records.

The following afternoon, a 31-year-old woman called police from a street corner in Tukwila and reported that she had just been raped and dropped off by her attacker, charging papers say. She provided officers with the address of the same Skyway apartment complex where the 26-year-old woman had called 911 from the day before, say the charges.

The 31-year-old woman also met a man online and met him for drinks at his apartment, where he forced himself on her, strangling her and hitting her in the head with a gun when she told him she didn’t want to have sex, charging papers say.

She also underwent a sexual-assault exam, and according to Abbott, DNA found on her body was matched to Wright. She too identified him from a police photo montage, the charges say.

Wright was charged with second-degree rape, first-degree robbery, second-degree assault and first-degree unlawful possession of a firearm in the 31-year-old’s case, court records show. He’s also accused of stealing more than $1,000 out of her purse.

When detectives later searched Wright’s apartment, they recovered cash presumably stolen from the victim and found a stolen .40 caliber pistol in a locked toolbox in his closet, say the charges.