A Seattle man potentially facing his third strike as a persistent offender is accused of stabbing 56-year-old Glenn Daniels in the back of his left leg during a robbery at a homeless encampment on Sept. 1. Daniels died moments later from blood loss from the knife wound that pierced his femoral artery.

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King County prosecutors Wednesday charged a 47-year-old Seattle man with first-degree murder, accusing him of fatally stabbing a homeless man in the leg during a robbery with a knife he had stolen hours earlier from the victim’s tent.

Glenn Daniels, 56, chased after his attacker but bled to death from a knife wound that pierced his femoral artery on Sept. 1, near the intersection of 10th Avenue South and South Dearborn Street, court records show.

Six days later, on Sept. 7, Esmond Earl Holmes was arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife, sparking a standoff with Seattle police after he barricaded himself inside his Rainier Valley apartment, according to police and charging papers.

After Holmes’ arrest for misdemeanor assault, officers recognized his name in connection with the earlier homicide, police said at the time.

Seattle police got a warrant and searched the apartment, where they found a knife matching  the weapon described by witnesses who claim they saw Holmes stab Daniels in the back of his left leg, charging papers say. The charges, which include a photo of the knife and a sketch of it drawn by a witness, note its uniqueness: About a foot long, it has a black handle and a black blade that is curved on one side and has a hook on the other.

Holmes, who is potentially facing his third strike as a persistent offender, is being held in lieu of $2.5 million bail on the murder charge and $100,000 on the assault charge involving his wife, jail and court records show. He has criminal convictions under the name William Henry Saffo and also goes by the street name “E-Dog,” charging papers say.

After Daniels’ body was found, police learned that Holmes, Daniels and a woman had spent the night of Aug. 31 at a tent belonging to a childhood friend of Holmes’, the charges say. As dawn broke and the temperature grew chilly, Daniels invited Holmes and the woman back to his tent, pitched a short distance away on the south side of South Dearborn Street and up a hill in an area known as “The Jungle,” because it was warmer,  the charges say.

Daniels left for a short period of time, which is when Holmes found the unique knife and said he was keeping it, the female witness later told police, according to charging papers. When Daniels returned, he and Holmes argued; Holmes left and Daniels and the woman went to sleep, the charges say.

Later that day, Daniels and the woman were still sleeping when Holmes lifted the tent flap and demanded that Daniels give him his cash and belongings,  the charges say.

“Daniels responded that he didn’t have anything, but threw a few dollar bills at the suspect. The suspect picked up the money but demanded Daniels give him more,” a Seattle police homicide detective wrote in the charges. “The suspect then stabbed Daniels on the back of the leg and fled.”

Daniels chased after Holmes “but was overcome by blood loss and lost consciousness where he was found deceased,” the detective wrote.