A Renton police officer who is accused of telling a confidential informant to take off her clothes, “keep drinking” and let him slap her face and spank her was arrested on suspicion of sexually motivated assault, according to police.

Officers were called to the 25000 block of 16th Avenue South in Des Moines on Saturday after a crying woman called 911 around 6 a.m., according to a statement from the Des Moines Police Department.

When police arrived, they found the woman and a man who was identified as a Renton police officer.

Renton officer charged with assault of confidential informant resigns

The man was arrested and booked into King County Jail on suspicion of second-degree assault with sexual motivation, according to the statement.

The Seattle Times is not naming the man because he has not yet been formally charged. He was released from King County Jail on Monday on conditional release, according to jail records.

According to a probable cause statement outlining police’s case against the officer, he texted a woman he later identified as his confidential informant very early Saturday morning and told her he needed to talk to her about her case. He said it was “important and confidential” and sent a “pin drop” of his location.


The woman got a ride from a friend to the officer’s location in a neighborhood park, where the two sat at a picnic table and drank wine. The officer¬†told the woman it was important for her to “keep drinking so he could get the answers he needed for his case,” police allege in the court document.

After a few hours of drinking, the officer asked the woman to take off her clothes and get on her knees, according to the document. He also asked if he could slap her and then slapped her on her “face and buttocks a few times,” the document alleges.

As he began to hit her harder, the woman told him he was hurting her and pleaded with him to stop, police allege.

She was crying and trying to put her clothes back on, police said, when the man suggested they find a motel.

The woman told Des Moines police that she pretended to be looking for a hotel on her phone but was actually trying to send an “SOS” to her friend, saying, “He hit me,” the court document says.

When the Renton officer noticed the woman trying to move away, he yelled, “Get back here now” and ran after her, according to the court document.¬†She banged on the front door of the nearest home and screamed until the resident opened the door and called police, the document says.


Des Moines police said the Renton officer was “heavily intoxicated and wearing an inside-out T-shirt and shorts and no shoes.” He identified himself as a police officer and said the victim was his confidential informant who just showed up and started “freaking out and ran off,” Des Moines police said. He said he ran after her to calm her down.

When told he would have an opportunity to give a statement, he said he would wait until he’d spoken with his union representative, the court document says.

The officer has been placed on administrative leave as he is being investigated, according to a statement from the Renton Police Department.