A judge found probable cause to hold Svetlana B. Laurel, 52, for investigation of first-degree murder, first-degree attempted murder and three counts of unlawful imprisonment. She is scheduled for a second court appearance Friday.

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A woman accused of killing her 14-year-old daughter Tuesday while the girl called 911 for help first restrained her husband and 12-year-old son with zip-ties, Renton police wrote in a document outlining their case against the woman.

A judge found probable cause Wednesday to hold Svetlana B. Laurel, 52, for investigation of first-degree murder, first-degree attempted murder and three counts of unlawful imprisonment, according to the King County Prosecutor’s Office. Charges have not been filed.

Laurel is being held without bail and is scheduled for a second court appearance Friday afternoon.

According to the statement of probable cause by Renton police, Laurel is separated from her husband and only allowed supervised visits with their children. Divorce documents filed in King County Superior Court say that the couple separated in 2015 after a 17-year marriage and that Laurel “suffers from major depression and fibromyalgia.”

Police say Laurel arrived at the Renton home where her husband and children live Tuesday evening while the man and their daughter were at a charity event in Seattle. Her son was at the house alone when Laurel first arrived, according to the document.

The boy told police his mother had clothes she said were Christmas gifts. When the boy said the clothes were his used ones, his mother said she had lost her job and then walked him upstairs to his bedroom, zip-tied his legs together and his hands behind his back and stuffed a sock into his mouth, police said.

Laurel later removed the sock but threatened to use a Taser on her son if he made any noise, the boy told police.

Laurel’s husband and daughter returned home about 8 p.m. and found Laurel inside the house holding a Taser, which she used on her husband, the document said. She allegedly bound him with zip-ties, pulled out a pistol, “and told [him] that she was going to shoot him because he had ruined her life.”

Around 8:15 p.m., the daughter called 911 from her upstairs bedroom. Six minutes into the call, the girl told the 911 operator her father had screamed that her mother had a gun. Six minutes after that, she said her mother was now upstairs and put her phone in her pocket with the line still open.

Over the next few minutes, the operator could hear Laurel asking where the phone was and saying “you called 911” and “something about ‘blow your head off,’ ” the document said.

The operator then heard “what sounded over the open line like zip-ties being secured, and then a loud sound similar to a door slamming. This was followed by screaming about someone possibly being dead.”

The boy told police he heard a gunshot, heard his mother go downstairs and then “hopped” to his sister’s room, where he saw his sister’s head covered in blood.

The man told police that after he heard a single gunshot from upstairs his wife tried to fire the pistol at him, but the gun failed to fire and he rammed her into a wall with his shoulder. He then grabbed the gun.

When officers arrived at about 8:30 p.m., Laurel’s husband answered the door with zip-ties still on his legs and handed officers the jammed pistol. Officers found the girl dead in her bedroom with a gunshot wound to her head and also found a Taser in the house, the document said.

Reached by phone Thursday, several neighbors described the house as quiet and said Laurel’s husband “stayed to himself.” The man purchased the house in July 2017, according to property records.

Neighbors said they did not remember seeing Laurel at the house. The police document said she had only been to the house once before, about eight months ago, according to her son.

“It’s been really upsetting,” said Cheryl Hanson, who lives nearby. “Even when it doesn’t happen to you, just to think about those children.”