Jason Hobbs Jr. showed up at the Renton Ridge Apartments on Nov. 30 for a fist fight to settle a previous dispute with two men, who believed Hobbs was responsible for a shooting in July. Prosecutors say Cristian Magana Arevalo shot Hobbs six times with a .357-caliber handgun.

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A 21-year-old Newcastle man was charged Wednesday with first-degree murder, accused of executing another man outside a Renton apartment complex Nov. 30, according to King County prosecutors.

Cristian Magana Arevalo was arrested Friday at a Bellevue hospital and booked into the King County Jail, where he remains in custody in lieu of $1 million bail, jail and court records show. Renton police have identified a suspected accomplice, but they don’t have enough evidence to arrest the man, according to court records.

Jason Hobbs Jr., 21, purportedly showed up to settle a dispute with Magana in a fist fight and was shot six times, charging papers say. The incident, caught on surveillance video, occurred just after 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 30 at the Renton Ridge Apartments, in the 900 block of Aberdeen Avenue Northeast.

“Cristian Magana brutally shot and killed an unarmed man. Magana first shot Jason Hobbs several times during a fight,” Senior Deputy Prosecutor Jason Simmons wrote in charging papers.

Hobbs was on the ground attempting to crawl away when it appears Magana approached, stood over him and shot him “several more times, executing Hobbs,” Simmons wrote.

Charging papers say Magana believed Hobbs had been involved in a July shooting at Magana’s uncle’s house, also in Renton. Magana’s girlfriend and their young son were inside a car, preparing to leave the house, when police were dispatched to a shots-fired call, the charges say. No one was injured, but officers found two bullet holes in a car belonging to Magana’s uncle.

Four months later, Magana was with his young family when they bumped into Hobbs and a friend at a Subway restaurant in the Renton Highlands about 2 1/2 hours before Hobbs was killed, the charges say. In video footage from Subway and a store at Bellevue’s Factoria Mall, Magana was seen wearing the a two-tone coat similar to one worn by the shooter in footage from the apartment complex, the charges say.

That afternoon, a friend of Hobbs’ who lives at the Renton Ridge Apartments brokered an agreement between Hobbs, Magana and the other man to meet up for a fist fight, with Hobbs insisting that no guns be involved, charging papers say.

According to the charges, Hobbs arrived at the apartment complex right after Magana and the other man; the footage shows Hobbs being attacked and chased by two assailants before he was shot. Police later recovered seven casings and a magazine from a .357-caliber handgun at the scene.

Surveillance footage and witness statements led detectives to Magana, whose Chevy Tahoe was seen at the shooting scene, the charges say. When officers searched Magana’s apartment on Dec. 1, they located a gun box consistent with a .357 pistol, according to the charges.