City wants to look at the ride-sharing business plan that allowed Uber to dodge city regulators when it was operating without permission

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PORTLAND (AP) — A Portland commissioner wants the city to issue a legislative subpoena to look at the “playbook” Uber used to dodge city regulators.

The Oregonian/OregonLive reports Portland sought the ride-hailing company’s playbook and Greyball software during a month-long investigation. Uber didn’t turn them over by the city’s deadline.

Commissioner Dan Saltzman believes the city can compel the company with a subpoena. He plans to ask the rest of the Portland City Council to issue one.

The city investigated after The New York Times reported in March that Uber had used software to identify and reject hails from city code enforcers at a time when the service was operating illegally in Portland.

Uber officials admitted to using Greyball during a two-week period in 2014, but denied using it since then.

Saltzman says the city needs “the whole playbook to be sure nothing is being held back.”