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The state Liquor Control Board issued an emergency suspension of the liquor license of Belltown’s Foundation Nightclub after police and federal agents arrested 12 people, seized guns and narcotics — including a so-called “date-rape drug”  — and allege that the club’s owners and some employees were involved.

Seattle Police Department and Homeland Security Investigators say they conducted a months-long undercover investigation following complaints of drug trafficking in the club, according to  police.

Foundation Nightclub promotes itself as Seattle’s No. 1 “nightlife destination” online and was scheduled to host an event on Friday. Foundation Nightclub did not respond to phone calls and attempts to leave a message seeking comment on Thursday were unsuccessful due to a full voicemail.

Managers and security guards were aware of and even facilitated drug sales, according to the release. The department said investigators identified several “in-house” drug dealers who were allegedly allowed to bypass security to ply their trade inside.

Authorities served search warrants on Wednesday and seized two guns,  $60,000 in cash as well as 829 grams of cocaine,  more than 1,000 grams of MDMA; 400 pills of ecstasy; 800 pills of Xanax; 190 grams of ketamine; 13 grams of DMT; 1,200 pills of “Molly” and 176 grams of gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid, known as GHB, a so-called “date rape” drug used to render a victim almost unconscious to facilitate sexual-assault.

A release from SPD says the in-house drug dealers would explain to undercover cops what amount of the date-rape drug was needed to “dose women.”

Police said more arrests are expected. The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board has issued an emergency suspension of the club’s liquor license, the SPD said.

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