Seattle police said Sunday that they arrested 13 people downtown Saturday night on investigation of charges including felony assault, obstructing an officer and damaging property.

Posts on social media indicated a march was planned in protest of the killing of Breonna Taylor one year ago by police in Louisville, Kentucky.   

Officers on Saturday night began monitoring a group of people — largely dressed in black — who gathered in Occidental Park and marched toward the waterfront, according to the Seattle Police Department. Some in the crowd had moved construction signs and other objects into the street to block traffic, police said, prompting the Washington State Patrol to temporarily close the ferry terminal.

As police began arresting those blocking traffic, some individuals threw rocks and an officer was struck, according to SPD. The department said it collected rocks from the scene and described some of them as “the size of a baseball,” while adding that the officer who was struck was hearing a helmet and wasn’t injured.

SPD posted photos of a Starbucks store at Second Avenue and Lenora Street with smashed windows and graffiti, and of a broken glass display case at Sixth Avenue and Pine Street.

Video of the chaotic scene posted on social media showed police on bicycles pushing groups of people through the streets and making arrests. Police used pepper spray in the confrontation with the demonstrators, a department spokesman said.

Of the 13 people arrested, four were booked into the King County Jail and nine were released from the West Precinct.