A 31-year-old Seattle man was arrested Tuesday after detectives discovered a body in his Renton hotel room, according to Renton police.

Mercer Island detectives arrived at a Renton hotel in the 1800 block of East Valley Road around 11:30 a.m. Tuesday to follow up on a tip regarding a missing 61-year-old Mercer Island man, a Renton police statement said Wednesday. The man hadn’t been seen since April 23.

The detectives noticed a “foul odor” coming from one of the hotel rooms, and notified Renton police officers, who were able to call a man inside the room. The man, who was later arrested, refused to open the door, so police obtained a search warrant to enter the room.

Once inside, the officers found human remains in a plastic container in the bathroom, the statement said.┬áThe remains haven’t been identified.

The Seattle man was booked on unrelated charges, pending confirmation of the victim’s cause of death, the statement said.

No additional information was immediately available.