CHENEY — The murder trial for a Spokane County man accused of poisoning his wife’s ice cream is set to begin Monday morning.

KHQ reports that detectives believe David Pettis killed his wife of 30-plus years because he was infatuated with another woman.

Documents state Peggy Pettis died after her ice cream was laced with a fatal dose of pain medication. Detectives also state Pettis was aggressive in collecting her life insurance, but he told KHQ he was just trying to pay for funeral arrangements.

Pettis was originally arrested in October 2018, but months later the charge was dropped. It was then refiled in the spring of 2019.

Pettis told KHQ shortly after charges were initially dropped that he would never have hurt his wife. He said claims of him loving another woman were false, saying she was “like family.”

Jury selection is set to begin first thing Monday, with opening statements to immediately follow.