Deputies are investigating an early-morning shooting in Skyway that left one man with life-threatening injuries.

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One man is in the hospital with serious injuries, and three people are in custody after a shooting early Tuesday morning in Skyway.

Sgt. Jason Houck, a spokesman for the King County Sheriff’s Office, said deputies were called to the 11600 block of Renton Avenue South around 2:15 a.m.

Houck said two female residents of the home earlier had heard someone breaking into their house and had called a male relative who lives nearby.

That man called a friend and the two men went together to the house, Houck said.

The friend was running up the driveway when he was shot in the stomach and arm, Houck said.

Then, police were called, Houck said.

The injured man, who is in his 20s, was taken to Harborview Medical Center, where he was in surgery Tuesday morning, Houck said.

The three suspects fled, Houck said, but one was later tracked to a car by K-9 units.

“The man could not explain why he was in the area at the time or where he had been when the shooting had occurred,” Houck said in a news statement released on Tuesday.

While deputies were talking to the first suspect, a caller reported seeing two other men run away from the car just before the K-9 team arrived. The K-9 team found those suspects running down the street, Houck said.

“Their clothing matched what the suspects had been wearing at the time of the shooting and burglary,” and a witness positively identified the suspects as those that had been at the house when the shooting occurred, Houck said.

The three male suspects, two adults and one juvenile, were taken into custody to be interviewed by detectives with the Major Crimes unit, Houck said.

Houck urged the public to call police — not relatives — during a break-in.