Months before 40-year-old Kent resident Randi Jones was killed on Nov. 30, her husband had dragged her out of a bowling alley, beaten her and fired 14 rounds into the windshield of her car, according to King County prosecutors.

Jones’ husband, Paul Dervin III, 38, was charged Friday with second-degree murder domestic violence, accused of killing Jones as she was preparing to move out of their house in Kent, court records show. He also has been charged with second-degree assault domestic violence and unlawful imprisonment in connection with the bowling-alley incident, according to the charges.

Each of the charges includes an aggravating factor alleging Dervin committed the crimes against Jones as part of an ongoing pattern of abuse.

Wanted on a no-bail warrant, Dervin was arrested Dec. 9 in Minnesota, although the charges don’t include details of his arrest or indicate where he is now being held pending extradition to Washington.

Public records show Dervin and Jones were married in King County in July 2016. A search of court records did not turn up any divorce filings, but after Jones’ killing, her mother filed a petition seeking custody of the couple’s 6-year-old son, the records say. Jones also has a 20-year-old son from a previous relationship, according to the records.

The charges don’t detail Jones’ injuries, but the King County Medical Examiner’s Office determined she died from a blunt-force injury to her torso.


Dervin’s defense attorney, Ramona Brandes, is now out of the office and was unavailable to comment on the case Wednesday. Her co-counsel, Sarah Wenzel, declined to comment Wednesday.

According to the charges:

On Feb. 29, Jones and her adult son called Kent police and reported that Dervin had assaulted Jones the previous evening at the HiLine Lanes in Burien. Officers noted that Jones had trouble standing and had two black eyes and a swollen face. Her son told police that Jones’ silver Mercedes also had been shot up and officers counted 14 bullet holes in the car’s windshield.

Police obtained video-surveillance footage from the bowling alley, which showed Dervin enter the business, slap a drink off a table and hit Jones; when a friend tried to intervene, Dervin slapped the friend in the face, then dragged Jones to a side door. He was seen shoving her to the ground, and Jones appeared to be unconscious when he grabbed her sweatshirt and dragged her into the parking lot, according to the charges.

Charged in March with kidnapping and assault, Dervin failed to appear for his May arraignment and was arrested in August. He spent 11 days in jail before posting $200,000 bail. Dervin was ordered not to have any contact with Jones.

A little after 1 a.m. on Dec. 1, Jones’ adult son found his mother unconscious on the living room floor of her house in Kent, located in the 25100 block of 23rd Place South, and called 911. Police arrived and found Jones unresponsive, with blood and bruising on her face and marks on her neck. She died at the scene.

A television also had been smashed. Police located a maroon Jaguar registered to Dervin parked outside the house.


Dervin called at least two people asking for help and was driven out of the area, according to the charges. Dervin told them that he had caught Jones with another man, chased the man and fell, injuring his face.

A man had been at Jones’ house the night of her death, detectives learned: He told police he had spent the weekend helping her move out and the two had fallen asleep on the floor while watching TV. He was startled awake by pounding on the window and Jones, certain it was Dervin, told him to leave out the back door. The man caught a bus home, telling detectives he never saw or heard Dervin chasing him.

The charges say Dervin drove around the neighborhood looking for the man. When a witness informed him Jones was dead, Dervin swore and “stated that he was cursed,” the charges say.

Dervin is scheduled to be arraigned Dec. 23 at the Maleng Regional Justice Center in Kent.

News researcher Miyoko Wolf contributed to this story.