Bail was set at $250,000 Thursday morning for a man suspected of walking into a south Richland home and holding a knife to an 11-year-old girl’s throat.

Jordan Christopher Kelly Smith, 30, appeared briefly in Benton County District Court via a video link from the jail.

He was arrested Wednesday evening in south Richland and booked into the Benton County jail about 11 p.m. on an investigative hold.

The five-time felon was recently released from a state prison and living in an addiction-recovery house less than 3 miles from the break-in.

He is being held on suspicion of first-degree assault, burglary and kidnapping. Prosecutors have 72 hours to file charges.

Richland police were called to a house on Ferrara Lane in south Richland about 1:30 a.m. Sunday after the report of a man attacking a girl who was sleeping.

The neighborhood is several blocks from Orchard Elementary School.


The girl said she woke up to a man straddling her on the bed with a knife at her throat, according to court documents filed Thursday.

The girl told investigators “the male threatened to hurt her family if she did not leave willingly with him,” said the affidavit by Richland Detective Christopher Mason.

Her mother was in the house asleep at the time. Police have not said if anyone else was at the house.

The girl managed to grab the folding knife away from the man and cut him on his hand in the struggle, said the documents. She also suffered a cut to her thumb.

He ran from the house, leaving a trail of blood and forgetting his black Converse high-top sneakers that he’d taken off when he came into the house through an unlocked garage door.


Trail of blood

Police also believe he is the same person who was prowling through cars in the neighborhood of Ferrara Lane and Meadow Hills Drive the same night.

A police dog from the Benton County Sheriff’s Office followed the blood trail until it lost the scent. But the Washington State Patrol crime lab was able to identify Smith as a suspect through DNA testing of the blood samples, said the court documents.

Department of Corrections officials then helped police by telling them that Smith was living in an alcohol and drug recovery house, known as Oxford House, on Jericho Court.

The nonprofit houses are self-run and support recovery programs for individuals with alcohol and drug addictions.

Richland detectives, with the help of the street-crimes unit, tracked him when he left the house at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday in a silver Nissan Altima, said court documents. Police pulled him over near Columbia Park Trail and Queensgate Drive.

He later told detectives that he drank heavily on Saturday and “could not recall anything afterwards before waking up outside of Sunnyside,” said court documents.

“During the interview, Jordan did state that he woke up missing his Converse-brand shoes, had blood that did not belong to him along with cuts to his left hand, and was missing his knife,” said court documents.

He also told police that his car had several items inside that did not belong to him.

Criminal history

Smith’s list of criminal convictions dates back about 15 years to a home burglary in Pasco when he was 15. He also had two misdemeanor thefts in Benton County.

His crimes continued when he moved to Pierce County. There he had five misdemeanor theft convictions and one felony theft before he turned 18.

Then he had a string of protection-order violations involving the same Puyallup woman. The most serious was in September 2013, when he showed up at her home after prowling two cars.

An officer found him outside his ex-girlfriend’s home when they tracked a cellphone stolen from one of the cars.


The officer who arrested him said Smith reeked of alcohol and continued to yell, “I love you baby,” at the woman, even after being told he was violating a protection order.

He then tried spitting on the officer, earning a third-degree-assault conviction.

He was living in Richland after finishing a nearly three-year prison term for violating a protection order against the same woman for the eighth time, court records show.

When he was sentenced in 2016, Smith faced a possible five years in prison after having a criminal history of five felony and 19 misdemeanor convictions.