A Longview man being detained for driving on a suspended license allegedly tried to bribe his arresting deputy by offering him a handgun in order to get his car home, according to police and court records.

Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Deputy Trevor Wolff pulled over 24-year-old Steven Jacobs on Nov. 26 for a broken brake light and a suspended license in Kelso. Jacobs acknowledged that his license was suspended and was placed under arrest in Wolff’s patrol car.

At some point between his arrest and booking, Jacobs, who declined to comment Monday, had a conversation with Wolff about firearms. According to a probable cause arrest statement, he said:

“Well all jokes aside, I have a lot of guns that are in my name, like legit. If you follow me home, I’ll give you a Glock. I have a competition Glock 9. I’ll give it to you, dude. I have so many guns it’s not even funny.”

When Wolff asked why Jacobs would want to give him a gun, Jacobs replied: “I’m trying to get my car home. Someone will steal it. Do you know how easy it is to steal cars? I won’t even drive it. I’ll give you the keys. I won’t even drive it. You can leave it at my grandma’s house.”

Wolff responded that he would not take Jacobs up on his offer and warned him that bribing a deputy would be another crime.


Jacobs allegedly responded: “Bribing, what do you mean? I just meant as, helping you out. I’m not trying to bribe you.”

Wolff responded that Jacobs was in fact trying to bribe him, to which Jacobs said: “I’m sorry. But yes, I guess that is bribing you. Well, outside of work then? You can just follow me home, as a nice guy?”

Jacobs on Monday pleaded not guilty to bribery. His trial is scheduled for February.