BNSF Railway and Amtrak trains began moving again after a multi-agency police response found no damage or signs of gunshots.

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BNSF Railway halted freight trains on a busy mainline Saturday evening after possible gunshots were heard by a crew boarding a train at the Airport Way South switching yard near Boeing Field in Seattle, a BNSF spokesman said.

Two Amtrak passenger trains also were stopped, spokesman Gus Melonas said.

After a 3 ½ -hour multi-agency police SWAT operation, no damage to BNSF property was found, nor evidence of gunshots, he said.

Seattle police, BNSF and other police agencies participated in the response, Melonas said, adding that all employees were accounted for after the sounds were heard.

Multiple trains were stopped on the main route between Seattle and Portland and work was stopped at the switching yard after the 6 p.m. report, Melonas said.

Melonas said he didn’t know where the Amtrak trains were held, but Amtrak’s online tracker showed long delays on a Seattle to Portland route and a Portland to Vancouver, B.C. route.

The mainline and yard resumed operations about 9:30 p.m., he said.