The family of a toddler killed in a stroller in Bellevue moved to the area from India and is returning for the girl’s funeral and might not come back, a friend says.

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The family of a toddler who was killed in her stroller Tuesday morning in Bellevue had just moved to the area, according to a family friend.

The child, who was identified by friend Kishor Vadla as 2-year-old Shradbha Panchakarla, died when she and her mother were at 140th Avenue Northeast and Bel-Red Road. They were on a morning walk when a car slammed into the child’s stroller.

Police said the incident occurred when a Dodge Durango, heading south on 140th Avenue Northeast, crossed Bel-Red Road and T-boned a Nissan Sentra making a left turn onto Bel-Red Road.

The impact sent the Nissan over the curb and onto the sidewalk, where it struck the stroller.

Vadla said the family had moved to Bellevue about four months ago after being elsewhere in the U.S. for a few months. The girl’s father, Naveen Panchakarla, was in information technology for Starbucks.

He said the girl was an only child and that her family would return immediately to India for the funeral and might not come back.

“It will be very hard for them as they are heartbroken,” said Vadla.

The girl’s 25-year-old mother, Bhavya Panchakarla, was taken to a hospital, where she was treated for minor injuries, according to the Bellevue Fire Department.

The drivers of both the Dodge and the Nissan were taken to a hospital for minor injuries, police said.

Police released a statement Wednesday saying the likely cause of the crash was the Nissan Sentra driver’s failure to yield right of way to oncoming traffic.

“Police remind drivers that they must yield to ALL oncoming traffic when making a left turn at a signal displaying a flashing yellow arrow,” the statement says.

The case will be forwarded to the Bellevue city prosecutor, who will decide if criminal charges will be filed against the Nissan driver, police said.