Police and prosecutors say the woman drove about a mile from the crash scene, then pulled over and called her boyfriend to come get her. Instead, he drove her back to the collision scene, they say. .

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A woman accused of a fatal hit-and-run crash near Green Lake on Sunday evening drove off with the victim’s grocery cart stuck to her SUV grille, according to King County prosecutors.

The victim, 62-year-old Donelle Yelli, had made it more than halfway across Wallingford Avenue North with her wheeled grocery cart on Sunday evening when she was struck in the crosswalk at North 82nd Street.

Yelli suffered catastrophic head and facial injuries and died at the scene, say the charges filed against the driver, Treza Hafzalla, 27, of Seattle.

Hafzalla was charged Thursday with vehicular homicide and felony hit-and-run. She is accused of fleeing after briefly pulling over and asking a witness whether Yelli was dead, the charges say.

“Instead of attempting to help Ms. Yelli or stay for the police, she quickly returned to her car and sped off with the grocery cart still stuck” to her front grille, Senior Deputy Prosecutor Amy Freedheim wrote in charging documents.

Hafzalla drove about a mile, then pulled over and called her boyfriend to come get her and take her home, but he instead drove Hafzalla back to the collision scene, say the charges.

Seattle police say Hafzalla told an officer at the scene that she had finished her shift at a local pub and then drank alcohol before heading home, according to the charges. Police allege she said she hit Yelli in the crosswalk around 6:40 p.m. and then fled, the charges say.

Police later found Hafzalla’s damaged 2000 GMC Jimmy parked on the street in the 7800 block of 11th Avenue Northeast, with Yelli’s grocery cart still attached to the front of the vehicle, say the charges.

A drug-recognition officer evaluated Hafzalla and determined she was impaired by drugs or alcohol, say the charges. The officer got a search warrant and Hafzalla’s blood was drawn about three hours after the crash; toxicology tests are still pending, the charges say.

Hafzalla, who spent less than two days in the King County Jail, was released Tuesday after posting $200,000 bail, jail records show.

The charges note that Hafzalla was arrested for driving under the influence in 2012, with the DUI charge later amended to first-degree negligent driving.