A Black Diamond man who was charged three weeks ago with second-degree assault domestic violence for allegedly knocking a teenage relative out with chloroform is now facing new charges of child molestation and child rape involving the girl and her sister, according to King County prosecutors.

Allen Bittner, 37, first posted $50,000 bail after his initial arrest Nov. 10 on the assault allegation. He was booked back into jail a few days later and posted a $200,000 bond on Nov. 19 after he was accused of violating a no-contact order because he moved into a house he and his wife purchased last year and were remodeling, according to court and property records. The records say the house is only 360 feet from the home where the girl lives, which violated the condition that Bittner not come within 1,000 feet of her residence.

The day he was released from jail a second time, Bittner filed a change-of-address notice in King County Superior Court, indicating he moved to Bonney Lake, 20 miles south of Black Diamond.

Bittner was arrested again Nov. 29 on investigation of two counts of first-degree child molestation, one count for each of the girls. He was also charged with second-degree child rape and second-degree child molestation involving the same 13-year-old girl he is accused of knocking unconscious with chloroform and acetone. Bittner is now being held in lieu of $700,000 bail between the two criminal cases, jail records show.

He pleaded not guilty to the assault charge on Dec. 2, court records show.

According to the criminal charges:

Just before 3 p.m. on Oct. 12, Black Diamond police officers were dispatched to a house where CPR was being performed on a teen girl. A man identified as Bittner was found kneeling by the girl on her bedroom floor.


When the officers asked Bittner what happened, police say he claimed he had given the girl a “breathing treatment” he learned while in the Navy to improve the girl’s breathing to aid her singing. Police say Bittner told officers he soaked a washcloth with a liquid, which he put to the girl’s face for her to inhale. She immediately fell unconscious and began vomiting.

Officers retrieved an empty glass bottle with no markings and a heavily saturated cloth from a garbage can in another bedroom.

Medics began to take the girl, who remained unconscious, to Valley Medical Center in Renton, but they soon diverted to Auburn Municipal Airport so she could be airlifted to Seattle Children’s.

The charges say when an officer asked Bittner where he got the liquid he administered to the girl, he claimed a man named “John,” a co-worker at Boeing’s Auburn plant, gave it to him, though he didn’t know John’s last name and couldn’t provide a phone number for John.

State Patrol Crime Lab tests on the cloth and bottle found in the garbage can determined that chloroform and acetone were present in both samples, the charges say.

Chloroform was historically used as an inhaled anesthetic during surgery but is now used to make other chemicals, including refrigerants, while acetone is a solvent used in paint and nail-polish removers, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine’s website.


During the assault investigation, police obtained a warrant to search Bittner’s computer and cell phone and discovered he had searched the internet for information on the manufacture and effects of chloroform a week before the girl was rushed to the hospital. The search of his phone turned up what appeared to be photos of unclothed or partially clothed teenage girls as well as photos of girls engaged in sexual acts, the newest charges say.

On Nov. 26, Bittner’s defense attorney filed a motion in King County Superior Court seeking a bail reduction on the second-degree assault charge. Attorney Gregory Hoover wrote that Bittner, a lifelong resident of Washington, is a decorated Navy veteran who once saved the life of his captain while serving on the USS Carl Vinson. Bittner grew up in Black Diamond, where there is a street named after his grandfather.

Bittner is a “loving husband and father,” Hoover wrote. He added that the girls’ mother supports Bittner 100%.

The same day the defense motion was filed, the girls’ mother went to the Black Diamond Police Department and asked to speak with the detective investigating Bittner, according to the newest charges filed Dec. 4. The girls’ mother told the detective that one of her daughters — the one who had been hospitalized — revealed that Bittner had been touching her “inappropriately,” but hadn’t said anything to her mom “because she was worried about causing trouble for the family,” the charges say.

Child-forensic interviews were conducted with the girls  Nov. 27 and both reported that Bittner had been sexually abusing them since August 2017.

One of the girls said Bittner told her the touching was “normal American culture” and that “she should not be so shy,” the charges say.