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Seattle police are looking for two people who were inside a stolen car that rammed a patrol car multiple times at a drive-thru restaurant parking lot Saturday morning.

Two officers at a drive-thru in the 2100 block of N. Northgate Way were ordering food when they noticed the car in front of them was a stolen one, according to a Seattle Police Department news release.

When back-up officers arrived faster than the two people in the stolen car could get their food, the driver of the stolen vehicle swerved out of line and tried to leave the lot but the back-up officers had blocked the exits. The driver of the stolen car yelled that his female passenger had a gun, put the car in reverse and rammed a patrol car six times before driving over the curb to exit the parking lot, according to Seattle police.

Officers chased the stolen car for 15 blocks before the pursuit became too dangerous, police said. A King County helicopter spotted the car, which then headed south on Interstate 5, before exiting in the Eastlake area and dropping off the passenger who was seen running into a wooded area, police said. The car took off again and police have not found it or the suspects.