Bellevue police confirmed Monday they have identified a suspect in Sunday’s shooting that injured a 20-year-old man in Crossroads Park.

The suspect lives nearby and was walking his dog in the park, located at 16140 N.E. Eighth St., around 2:30 p.m. when two or three people approached him, according to the Bellevue Police Department.

According to police, the two groups starting arguing when the altercation turned physical. Shortly after, witnesses heard gunshots and saw the groups scatter, said Bellevue police spokesperson Meeghan Black.

The 20-year-old victim suffered two gunshot wounds and was taken to a hospital in “very serious condition,” though Black said Monday afternoon he has since been released and is “going to be fine.”

Detectives have reached out to the person they suspect shot the 20-year-old, impounded his car and served a warrant on his apartment, but haven’t gotten in touch with him yet, Black said. No arrests have been made.

“We’re trying to get his side of the story,” she said.