Fresh from prison, convicted bank robber Logan Dancer has managed to elude capture for three weeks. He’s accused of tying up and robbing employees at a Redmond computer store, then four days later, robbing the same Seattle bank he robbed twice before.

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Logan Dancer was released from the state prison in Aberdeen three weeks ago and was supposed to report to a halfway house in Spokane.

He never made it.

Dancer, a 55-year-old convicted bank robber, is on the lam, with a pair of nationwide warrants out for his arrest.

He didn’t exactly make it hard for police in Redmond and Seattle to identify him as a suspect in two recent robberies, the first allegedly committed June 11, the same day he was released from the Stafford Creek Corrections Center.

Still, he’s managed to elude capture since he was last seen June 15, when he is accused of robbing the same US Bank branch in downtown Seattle he had robbed twice before.

Upon his release from prison, Dancer was given a bus voucher to get to Spokane and another voucher for housing through Pioneer Pathways, said Andrew Garber, a spokesman for the state Department of Corrections (DOC).

When Dancer didn’t show up, the DOC issued a no-bail warrant for his arrest, he said.

“His whereabouts are really unknown,” said Redmond Assistant Police Chief Kristi Wilson.

Dancer was charged last week with first-degree robbery and first-degree kidnapping, accused of using zip ties and duct tape to bind two employees at the Simply Mac store in the Redmond Town Center on June 11, according to court records. He was also charged with first-degree robbery of a Seattle bank.

When Dancer entered the Simply Mac store a little after 8 p.m., he had bandages wrapped around his head, as if he’d undergone a recent medical procedure, charging papers say. After informing one employee he needed to make a large order, Dancer handed the man a note, listing the items he wanted, stating he had a gun and threatening to kill the employees if “they tried to be heroes,” the papers say.

He made off with $300 from the cash register and $20,000 worth of merchandise stuffed into garbage bags, according to the charges.

The employees quickly freed themselves and called 911.

By then, Dancer had made his way 600 feet to the west, where he tried to hail a cab outside the Redmond Marriott, according to Wilson.

“He was looking for a taxi to leave the area, but our response was so fast, he left the majority of stuff behind,” she said.

Police determined he didn’t leave in a cab but don’t know how he managed to slip away, Wilson said.

A backpack was found hidden in bushes near the hotel, and Wilson said investigators think he abandoned it in his haste to get away.

Inside, police found Dancer’s prison-release papers and copies of his birth certificate, along with credit cards stolen from the two employees, according to the charges. Also in the bag: zip ties, duct tape, garbage bags, gauze and a nose brace, and a pellet gun, the charges say.

Four days later, Dancer walked into the US Bank in the City Center on Fifth Avenue in downtown Seattle just before 10 a.m. and passed a teller a note, threatening to shoot her and demanding specific denominations of money, according court records.

Dancer was verbally aggressive with the teller, telling her “to smile” and ordering her not to trip the bank’s silent alarm, according to charging papers.

The teller activated the alarm anyway and handed Dancer $2,500 from her till, say the charges. He fled, taking the robbery note with him, they say.

A Seattle police detective who helped bust Dancer for a string of bank robberies in 2008 immediately recognized him from video-surveillance footage captured during the June 15 robbery, charging papers say.

According to court records, Dancer robbed the same US Bank branch in August 2007, netting $1,569. Almost a year later, he hit the same bank again, the first of three bank robberies he committed in Seattle and Bellevue over 18 days in July 2008, the records show. His combined take: $7,084.

He was arrested Aug. 8, 2008, and after a couple of trips to Western State Hospital to have his competency restored, Dancer pleaded guilty to three counts of first-degree robbery in October 2009, court records show.