Police believe the two men got into an argument at an abandoned house that a group of squatters frequented before the shooting earlier this year.

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A 44-year-old man was arrested Thursday in connection with the death of a man found shot to death earlier this year in an abandoned house in Des Moines, officials said.

On Thursday morning, detectives arrested the suspect at the South Correctional Entity jail, where he was in custody on unrelated charges, police said. Shortly after, authorities planned to move him to King County Jail to book him on suspicion of second-degree murder.

The suspect has not been charged and is awaiting his first court appearance, according to Dan Donohoe, King County prosecutor’s spokesman.

The victim, George Brown, 29, was found dead on Jan. 7 in the vacant house frequented by a group of homeless people in Des Moines’ Pacific Ridge neighborhood, police said.

Spokesman Sgt. Doug Jenkins said interviews with those people helped lead investigators to the suspect.

“The witnesses said they heard an argument and then gunshots, and that was about it,” Jenkins said of the incident.

Details on what Brown and the suspect were reportedly fighting over remains unknown. Also unknown are details on motive.

Of Brown and the suspect’s relationship, Jenkins said, “They knew each other from the street and stayed at the same places together,” and no other connection between them is known.

No further details were immediately available.