King County prosecutors filed a second-degree-murder charge against a Francisco Escobedo, 30, on Monday in connection with last week’s fatal shooting of a young woman whose body was left on the side of a road in Kent.

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An Auburn man was charged Monday with second-degree murder, accused of fatally shooting a 20-year-old womanlast week, loading her body into the trunk of his car and dumping her on the side of a road in Kent, according to King County prosecutors.

Francisco Escobedo, 30, who was arrested Wednesday in Kent when he showed up for work at a fast-food restaurant, is being held in jail in lieu of a $2 million bail, according to jail and court records.

Escobedo, 20-year-old Alize Gonzalez and two other people — identified only by their initials in charging documents — spent the day and evening of Nov. 9 doing drugs at Escobedo’s Auburn apartment, charging papers say.

Around 2 a.m. Tuesday, Gonzalez, apparently upset with Escobedo for not providing more drugs, punched him in the face, say the charges. He wasn’t harmed by the blow, according to charging documents, which note Escobedo is 4 inches taller and 70 pounds heavier than Gonzalez.

Escobedo pulled a gun from his pocket and shot her in the neck from close range, killing her, charging papers say. Escobedo then picked up the spent shell casing and left the apartment, telling the two witnesses he was going to get rid of the semi-automatic handgun, the papers say.

The two fled the apartment “out of fear” once Escobedo left, say the charges.

About 12 hours later, one of the witnesses called Auburn police with a tip about the shooting. The witness told police Escobedo had shown them “the gun throughout the weekend, bragging that he carries it at all times because rival gang and drug cartel members want to kill him,” the charges say.

The witness also led police to Escobedo’s apartment in the 3300 block of I Street Northeast, say the charges.

While Auburn detectives were interviewing the witness, a call came in around 4 p.m. Tuesday alerting police that a woman’s body had been found along a road in Kent, charging papers say. Police gave the location last week as the 100 block of Russell Street.

The King County Medical Examiner’s Office later confirmed the woman was Gonzalez, according to the papers.

Police obtained a warrant for Escobedo’s apartment, where they found bloodstained carpet in a bedroom, a suspected bullet hole and a bag containing Gonzalez’s identification, charging papers say.

Detectives also tracked down the second witness, who provided an account similar to that of the first witness, say the papers, which noted that evidence found at the shooting scene corroborated their version of events.

Police say when detectives questioned Escobedo a day after the fatal shooting, he “changed his story several times,” claiming Gonzalez went for a gun he kept in a bedroom closet, but saying he grabbed it himself, the papers say. Police say Escobedo told them Gonzalez “somehow overpowered him” and got the gun, causing it to accidentally fire, according to the charges.

According to detectives, Escobedo claimed one witness told him to leave for 30 minutes, and when Escobedo returned, Gonzalez’s body and the gun were gone, charging papers say. Police say he later said he wrapped Gonzalez’s body in a blanket, placing it in the trunk of his car and then drove around Auburn and Kent before finding a spot to leave the body, the papers say.

“After dumping the victim’s body on the side of the road, Escobedo said he met up with his wife and kids and spent the rest of the day with them or at work,” charging papers said.

During his interview with police, detectives say, Escobedo claimed to have been a member of a gang in California, “and was also a bodyguard for a drug cartel in Mexico,” according to the charges.