The arrest of a 15-year-old black youth after a scuffle with a white motorist in Wallingford has triggered a social-media storm, after the mother of a witness took to task the police investigation.

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The arrest of a 15-year-old black youth after a scuffle with a white motorist in Wallingford has triggered a social-media storm, after the mother of a witness took to task the police investigation.

Video footage taken in the aftermath of the confrontation contradicted the Seattle Police Department’s Facebook response to questions about its handling of the incident, leading to accusations that the department was discounting some witnesses.

The resulting controversy has engulfed the local solar-energy company whose employee stands accused of using a racial slur that allegedly sparked the fight. It spent much of Thursday and Friday responding to angry messages and calls as it tried to gather facts about what happened.

And the mother of the teen who took the video footage, which has been deleted from her Facebook page, said she’s been harassed for publicly questioning the police investigation in a post that quickly went viral.

According to police reports, the investigation into the incident began Wednesday, when officers were called to North 45th Street and Woodlawn Place North after reports that two males had begun fighting in the street.

A man approached arriving police and said that his van’s side mirror was damaged by a teen during a confrontation in the road. Investigating officers said they located the teen, who said that he had been walking with friends when another pedestrian cursed and ordered them to make room on the sidewalk.

As that argument escalated, the driver of a passing van stopped and yelled for the teen to back off. The teen told police that the driver, whose name was not released, called him a racial slur, according to the police report.

The teen approached the van and, according to the teen’s statement to investigators, the driver reached out and struck him in the back of the head. The teen told police he then struck the man in the face, a swing that also damaged the van’s side mirror, according to the report.

The man’s account was similar, though he told police he heard the teens swearing at the pedestrian, calling him names and actively blocking his path. He said the 15-year-old approached his van and yelled at him to get out to fight. The man told police he refused, and the teen punched his mirror. He said he never hit the teen, according to the report.

Officers arrested the teen on suspicion of property damage. He has not been charged, and the investigation into both the teen and the man is continuing. The case also has been forwarded to the Police Department’s bias crimes unit for further investigation about the alleged racial slur, said Sgt. Sean Whitcomb.

Neither the man nor the teen could be reached for comment Friday.

Sheila Haney, mother of one of the other teens present during the incident, said the Police Department’s account is inaccurate. According to Haney, other witnesses corroborated her son’s version of events.

“It made me feel like they were on the side of the guy with the van, and they didn’t take into full account what my kid and the other kids had said,” she said Friday.

Haney said as much in a since-deleted Facebook post that quickly went viral. As it spread, the Police Department’s social-media accounts were flooded with questions about the officers’ response, and whether they fully investigated claims by the other teens who witnessed the incident.

The report confirms that officers talked with the other teens, but doesn’t give any details of what they said or what they were asked.

In response to the uproar, the Police Department from its Facebook account wrote that officers spoke to multiple witnesses who did not corroborate the arrested teen’s allegation that the van driver struck him in the head. It wasn’t clear if that meant witnesses offered contradictory accounts.

The teens who were walking with the arrested juvenile “left the scene without speaking to officers,” the post stated, contradicting the report and video taken by Haney’s son that shows officers questioning a group of teens shortly after the incident.

“I will own that inaccuracy,” Whitcomb said Friday, acknowledging that the Police Department’s Facebook post gave wrong information.

In the video, the teens tell the officer that the driver attempted to grab or strike the 15-year-old who was later arrested.

The lack of clarity has stirred up outrage online, as residents press the Police Department for answers online.

“They released a statement without verifying their own facts, disparaged this young man and made it seem as if the boys fled the scene when they did not,” said Ijeoma Oluo, a Seattle-based writer and online social-justice activist.

Meanwhile, Artisan Electric, the solar-energy company that employs the driver who allegedly made the slur, said he’s been suspended as the company investigates.

In a lengthy statement Friday afternoon, the company said the allegations against the driver have not yet been substantiated.

Thursday and Friday, the company was inundated with calls and Facebook messages demanding that the employee be fired, while others chimed in with words of support.

“We have suspended our employee while we gather more facts,” the statement reads, in part. “This has been interpreted as an admission of guilt on social media. Though … in actuality shows that we are just as susceptible to the mob mentality of rushing to judgment to please the masses without having all the facts that caused this to spiral out of control in the first place.”

The company said it was seeking to talk with the teens involved in the incident, their parents, the employee involved and the police to “start a dialogue and take serious steps toward restorative justice. If we don’t do this, then this incident just reifies preconceived beliefs on both sides of the fence and race relations in our community will not have progressed.”

It said it already has taken steps to provide diversity training to all its employees.

“Much of what we’re reading online on both ‘sides’ is venomous and not constructive in moving forward toward a healthy resolution for our community,” the company said. “That is what Artisan Electric wants and will do everything in our power to make happen. We are using the values of participation, fairness, transparency and inclusion to reach that resolution.”