Cameras on a Metro bus captured the fatal shooting of a 46-year-old man at a North Seattle bus stop last week, as well as the heated argument that preceded the homicide, according to King County prosecutors.

After images of the shooting suspect were distributed in a departmentwide bulletin, a Seattle police officer spotted the man later identified as Jonathan Cleo Webb, 41, in the 200 block of Alaskan Way on Thursday morning, according to second-degree murder charges filed Monday. He had a .380 caliber handgun on him when he was arrested, according to the charges.

Webb, whose last known address is in Federal Way, does not appear to have any felony convictions. He remains jailed in lieu of $1 million bail, jail records show.

Killed was Walter Jay Treadwell, 46, who police identified from his Florida driver’s license, which was found in his wallet. Treadwell was shot three times at close range, and one of the bullets struck his heart, the charges say.

“The victim and defendant were involved in a verbal confrontation on the bus. The victim gathered his belongings and waited for the bus to come to a stop before he disembarked,” Senior Deputy Prosecutor Alexandra Voorhees wrote in charging papers. “The defendant followed him off the bus and immediately pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the victim.”

From the video, it appears Webb pulled the trigger but the gun didn’t fire; he racked the slide to clear the jam, then shot Treadwell three times before running from the scene, Vorhees wrote.


According to the charges:

Seattle police responded to a report of a shooting in the 4600 block of Aurora Avenue North just before 10 p.m. on Aug. 17. Treadwell was found unresponsive and died at the scene.

Two .380 caliber shell casings were found at the scene.

The Metro bus both men had been on was stopped next to Treadwell, and the coach is equipped with high-quality surveillance cameras that recorded the argument and shooting.

“The cameras captured a heated argument between the victim and the suspect, at times during the argument Treadwell was standing over Webb while Webb remained seated,” a detective wrote in the charges, which don’t say what the men were arguing about.

Webb followed Treadwell off the coach. Treadwell was seen putting his belongings in the bus shelter, then removed his shirt and raised his arms.

Immediately after getting off the bus, Webb threw a pair of shoes to the ground and pulled out a gun, then fired at Treadwell after clearing a jam, the charges say.

Police say Webb admitted he shot Treadwell, but he claimed self-defense, telling detectives Treadwell had made threatening comments on the bus and removed his shirt as if readying for a fight, according to the charges.

Webb is to be arraigned Sept. 3.