Authorities released 911 calls received after a gunman opened fire at partygoers in Mukilteo, killing three people and wounding one.

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What the frightened caller knew was that one of his friends had been shot while they were at a Mukilteo house party. What he didn’t know was the exact location of the party so a 911 dispatcher could send police.

“I don’t know. I’m trying to hide right now,” the caller told the dispatcher. “We’re on the roof. There’s four of us.”

The house, he said, was by the water. “There was multiple shots, and I ran upstairs onto the roof,” the caller said. There had been maybe 12 shots, but it was quiet now, he said.

“I think someone is hurt down below,” he whispered. Repeatedly, the dispatcher urged the caller to try to find out the address of the house — but only if it was safe.

“I can’t send help to nowhere,” she said.

Warning: graphic content

Two Snohomish County emergency dispatcher centers on Tuesday released tapes of 911 calls that followed the deadly July 30 shooting at a Mukilteo house party, in response to a public disclosure request from The Seattle Times and other media.

There were more than 60 calls in all, ranging from a group of frightened teens hiding in a bathroom at the home to the anguished call from the father of one of the victims, desperately seeking information about his son, as news of the shootings spread.

Several 911 calls were placed by the mother of Allen Ivanov, the 19-year-old Mukilteo man accused of opening fire at the party, killing three former high-school classmates and wounding one other. Police have alleged Ivanov was jealous that his former girlfriend, Anna Bui, had moved on with her life and spurned his efforts at reconciliation.

Many of the calls were placed by the people inside the Chennault Beach home where a group of friends had gathered for a Friday night get-together. In the minutes after the shootings, some of the callers identified Ivanov as the gunman.

Some in the house were unsure of their exact location, and 911 dispatchers struggled to coax an address from the terrified callers. Many neighbors called to report hearing gunshots.

Warning: graphic content

One caller, a female, told a dispatcher she was holed up with others in a bathroom.

“Someone just came into my house and started shooting all my friends. We’re trapped in the bathroom,” she tells a dispatcher. “It’s Allen Ivanov, apparently. They’re 99 percent sure the shooter was Allen Ivanov, and he shot his girlfriend.”

She then passes the phone to a male who says, “I know that on social media he posted that it looked like an M-14, maybe, some assault rifle,” apparently referring to Ivanov. “I don’t know. It was a big assault rifle-looking thing.

“People said they saw him running away,” he says. “His ex-girlfriend is dead.”

In another recording, a caller tells a dispatcher, “I need an ambulance,” then the line goes silent.

“It sounds like he was in pain,” the dispatcher tells another dispatcher.

Another caller, a female, apparently called from the party but sounds disoriented:

“I don’t know where I am. … I’m at my friend’s house. You need to hurry. I feel like my friends just got shot. You need to get here,” she said.

“Firecrackers went off and now our friends are bleeding to death. We don’t know where they are,” she told the dispatcher.

Warning: graphic content

Anna Ivanov, the mother of the suspect, also called 911 dispatchers at least three times trying to get information, saying her son had called her and said he was involved in a shooting.

“Is it true? Was there a shooting?” she asked at one point.

Warning: graphic content

Police say Ivanov opened fire with an AR-15 assault-style rifle after peering through a window at the house and seeing Bui, his ex-girlfriend, with another young man.

In addition to Bui, also killed were Jake Long and Jordan Ebner. All three were 19 and 2015 graduates of Kamiak High School, where Ivanov also went to school.

Ivanov was charged last week with three counts of aggravated first-degree murder, one count of attempted murder and one count of first-degree assault. All five counts each carry a firearm allegation, which could increase the penalties.

One of the murder charges also carries a domestic-violence allegation for the death of Bui.

By charging Ivanov with aggravated first-degree murder, Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe could potentially seek the death penalty.

After spotting his ex-girlfriend at the party, Ivanov returned to his car to study the owner’s manual for his newly purchased AR-15, police wrote in court documents. Two hours apparently passed before he walked back to the home around midnight and opened fire while he was still outside, the documents say.

Will Kramer, who was wounded in the shooting, told his father he was sitting around a backyard firepit with three friends when gunfire broke out. Two of his friends, Long and Ebner, were killed near the firepit.

A bullet struck Kramer in the back. The wounded 18-year-old dived into nearby bushes for shelter, where he called 911 and quietly waited for police to arrive while listening to people’s screams, his father said.

Kramer is in satisfactory condition at Harborview Medical Center. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Ivanov then walked into the house through a side door, found Bui and shot her twice, police allege.

Mukilteo shooting

Ivanov went upstairs and onto the balcony off the master bedroom and fired at two more males in the driveway, police wrote. “He then went up on the roof and realized his magazine was empty,” so returned to his car and drove away. He was arrested about 90 minutes later on Interstate 5 near Chehalis.