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The Seattle City Attorney’s Office filed criminal charges Tuesday morning against three men in connection with violence during Monday’s May Day protests.

Tavner Castle, 36, of Olympia, was charged with assault; Nathan Davis, 30, of Seattle, was charged with resisting arrest and possession of an unlawful weapon (a knife); and Joseph Harrison, 51, of Boulder, Colo. was charged with obstructing a police officer.

According to the criminal complaints: Castle assaulted a woman during the protests. Davis is accused of trying to prevent an officer from arresting him. Harrison is accused of interfering with an officer.

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Two other men arrested Monday night were released on personal recognizance while the city attorney’s office reviews the cases against them and decides on criminal charges.

The men were all charged in connection with incidents that occurred in Westlake Park, where pro- and anti-President Trump groups engaged in tense exchanges.

The five arrests are far fewer than in previous years. Seattle police also said there was no property damage and no officers were injured.