Crews armed with a crane, excavator and boats continued to chip away Thursday evening at a logjam under a Highway 2 trestle near Everett, which was caused by heavy rainfall earlier in the week.

As heavy rain caused flooding on the Snohomish River, the Ebey Slough rose and gathered up logs and debris along the shore, causing the logjam, said Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) spokesman Joseph Calabro. The agency has been working to clear the jam since Tuesday afternoon.

“The backup is almost 100 yards of really just a solid logjam we’re trying to work through,” Calabro said. “There are logs in there that are upwards of 40 feet and obviously there’s a lot of twigs and smaller debris.”

Drivers saw minor delays on eastbound Highway 2 Tuesday, as a crane in the right lane reached down into the water to break up the debris. The right lane is expected to remain closed through Thursday evening.

Crews are hoping to prevent any damage to the trestle, as debris could build up on the piers and create pressure that could damage the bridge, Calabro said. The jam could also cause water to swirl and flow unevenly against dikes, which could cause erosion and flooding on Ebey Island, he said.

To prevent damage, Calabro said WSDOT has used an excavator to break up the jam, as well as a crane and workers in boats to push debris and logs through an open channel.