A brush fire that started Sunday with an out-of-control burn pile near Auburn was 75% contained as of Tuesday evening but still burning, according to Mountain View Fire & Rescue.

The Level 2 evacuations that had been in place, notifying residents of a few homes that they should be prepared to evacuate at a moment’s notice, were downgraded to Level 1 alerts on Tuesday, the Fire Department said.

“We will be on this fire several more days and look forward to the cooler temps and rain this weekend that should assist in mopping this fire up,” Mountain View Fire & Rescue said on its Facebook page. “The southern-facing hillside was very dry and very difficult terrain to operate in. Crews will be mopping up and further containing the fire area today.”

The National Weather Service of Seattle is forecasting cooler temperatures this coming weekend after a record-breaking run of warm days.

The Green Valley Fire was reported around 4:30 p.m. Sunday in the area of 35200 Green Valley Road in King County and sparked concern about an early opening to wildfire season in the state.

It has so far burned at least 50 acres, the department reported.


MVFR said the state approved its request to tap into the All-Hazard Mobilization Plan which provides personnel, equipment, and other logistical resources when wildfire or other emergencies exceeds a local jurisdiction’s capacities.

Hose lines have been hand carried from the base of the valley to the top of the crest, on both the east and west sides of the fire with firefighters working in 50 yard sections to extinguish pocket fires and dig out fires in duff and stumps, the Fire Department said.

On Wednesday, firefighters will be mopping up, falling burned trees and cutting fire lines, the Fire Department reported.