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April 29, 3:38 p.m. [View larger]
Yesterday I went to Westlake’s stop on the bus tunnel and imagined the light-rail convoy going through it while I did this sketch. That’s still a couple of months away, but it’s a milestone for our region. Light rail will start running between Seattle’s Westlake Center and Tukwila on July 18 — the segment between Tukwila and the airport should open by the end of the year.
So July 18 is a day to look forward to. The Sounders are also scheduled to play against English team Chelsea FC and, most important, it’s my daughter’s birthday! I wonder if tickets to the game and a ride on the light rail would be a good birthday present.
I’m stealing the “countdown to light rail” concept from Seattle Transit Blog and plan to do related posts between now and then. Suggestions welcome!