OREGON CITY, Ore. (AP) — A Clackamas County commissioner who has previously been called on to resign over racist comments has drawn condemnation for an incendiary post on social media.

Commissioner Mark Shull shared a meme on Facebook appearing to compare vaccine requirements to Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, Oregon Public Broadcasting reported on Tuesday. Shull has since removed the post.

Screenshots show the meme mentions Nazi soldiers requiring Jewish people in Germany during World War II to wear a yellow star on their clothes when outdoors, and asks “Anyone see the parallel?”

The rest of the Clackamas County board released a statement slamming Shull.

“We recognize the Facebook post dismissed the horror that the Jewish community and so many others experienced during the holocaust and that it was posted just three weeks following a hate-crime on our campus where a Nazi Swastika was painted on our sidewalk,” the commissioners’ statement read. “We want to be clear that our County and we as commissioners, condemn antisemitism, racism and bigotry.”

Shull declined to comment to OPB. At their Tuesday work session, Shull defended posting the meme, which he said was only online for an hour. He said it was a warning about what can happen when civil liberties are taken away.

In June, Shull introduced a resolution comparing vaccine documents to Jim Crow laws, drawing swift opposition and leading the county chair, Republican Tootie Smith, to strip Shull of his committee assignments.

The board in January voted for Shull to resign after racist and Islamophobic comments he made online. Shull has not resigned.