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The last few days Micah “Katt” Williams has spent in Seattle have already been interesting: He didn’t show up for a Thursday night stand-up routine at the Paramount Theatre, he allegedly threatened people at a sports bar, his tour manager Suge Knight posted bail for him at a King County Jail according to, and he’s got a Thursday court date.

But Williams isn’t done making his Seattle visit interesting: The Courtyard Seattle Downtown Lake Union Marriott kicked Williams out Monday night.

A hotel employee said he was kicked out because several second-floor guests complained about the stench of marijuana coming from his room. The employee said it also smelled like he was burning incense along with it, and several people on the floor complained the smell was entering their rooms.

“It’s bad,” the employee said. “After cleaning and opening windows, it still smells.”

After being kicked out of the hotel, Williams told KOMO that he’s retiring from stand-up comedy.

He also told the news station that he wanted to make a $301,000 cash offer for the Washington State Ferry Rhododendron–which was put up for auction last month–so he, his family and staff had a place to stay until his Thursday court date.

“If they will accept our bid… I will take me and my whole staff on that boat because I still have a court date four days from now and can’t leave and I’ve been kicked out of four hotels in two days …,” he told KOMO.