Comcast says it has resolved the issues that caused Monday night's widespread outage that affected customers in the Puget Sound area.

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Comcast said Tuesday it will credit customers who were affected by Monday night’s widespread service outage on the West Coast, including the Puget Sound area.

The outage, which was reported in numerous cities, with the largest affecting Seattle and San Francisco, was caused by hardware issues in Comcast’s backbone network, the company said in a statement. The issue shifted Domain Name System (DNS) traffic, which overloaded local DNS server capacity and resulted in service outages that began around 7 p.m.

Engineers investigated the issue, Comcast said, and restored service to most customers by 9 p.m., though numerous customers reported service issues hours later.

“We know that having a fast, reliable connection to the Internet is vital and that interruptions of this sort are unacceptable,” Comcast said in a statement. “We’re sorry that we didn’t live up to that last night.”

The company said it is “directly reaching out” to those who reported problems and building a website for affected customers so they can receive credit.

USAToday reports that Comcast plans to send proactive $5 refunds to customers on the West coast who dealt with the outage, the company says.