LaTanya Clemmons, the sister of Maurice Clemmons, who fatally shot four Lakewood police officers in 2009, is being released from prison after serving just half her sentence. She was convicted in 2010 of assisting her brother's getaway driver.

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The sister of Lakewood police killer Maurice Clemmons has been transferred from prison to a work-release site in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood in preparation for her release from custody in July. She has served just half of her five-year sentence.

LaTanya Clemmons, 37, was convicted of helping her brother’s getaway driver evade arrest and was sentenced in June 2010 to an exceptionally long sentence of five years, quintuple the normal sentence.

But she earned a 50 percent reduction in her sentence with good behavior under a state law that has since expired and, under state Department of Corrections policy, was recently moved from prison to work release.

The Lakewood Police Department, which lost four officers — all fatally shot by Maurice Clemmons in November 2009 — lamented her pending release, as did Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist.

“I understand she’s going to get some time off for good behavior, but 50 percent off is ridiculous,” said Lindquist. “This highlights that we don’t have truth in sentencing in Washington state.”

In a statement, Lakewood police spokesman Chris Lawler said his department is “disappointed that LaTanya Clemmons is not being required to serve out the full term.”

DOC spokeswoman Selena Davis said the agency is following a state law, passed in 2003, that gave a 50 percent “earned release” credit to certain offenders. Inmates convicted of violent, drug or sex crimes were not eligible. The law expired last year.

Clemmons is eligible for full release on July 12, said DOC spokeswoman Selena Davis. “Her release date is not ‘early,’ it is in accordance to law,” Davis said in a news release.

Maurice Clemmons committed the worst violence against law enforcement in state history killing Lakewood police Sgt. Mark Renninger and officers Tina Griswold, Greg Richards and Ronny Owens. He was killed by a Seattle police officer after a massive 40-hour manhunt.

LaTanya Clemmons was convicted of helping getaway driver Darcus Allen hide out in a $39-a-night Federal Way motel.

She had no previous criminal history, and had pleaded with her sentencing judge for mercy so she could care for her young daughter. She received credit against her five-year sentence because she had spent more than six months in jail before her trial.

She is still a defendant in a lawsuit filed by Griswold’s estate; a trial is scheduled for 2013.

News researcher David Turim contributed to this report. Jonathan Martin: 206-464-2605 or On Twitter @jmartin206.