Transportation officials say the West Seattle Junction doesn't need parking pay stations.

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Transportation officials say the West Seattle Junction doesn’t need parking pay stations.

The Seattle transportation department on Thursday released findings from a parking study it had been conducting in the Junction during the past year. Transportation officials will make official recommendations for minor changes to the area’s parking regulations this fall.

Some residents had expressed concern earlier this month that the parking study would lead to pay stations in the Junction, regardless of the community’s desires. Almost 2,100 pay stations have been installed in about 20 neighborhoods throughout the city.

However, transportation officials found that only between 56 and 71 percent of parking spaces were full in the Junction’s main commercial area during peak hours. They also found that the compliance rate for existing two-hour time limit signs was high — between 83 and 90 percent.

If parking spaces along a certain street or block are more than 75 percent full most of the time and existing parking regulations are being neglected, transportation officials said, they consider proposing significant changes to an area’s parking regulations. But that wasn’t the case for the Junction, they said.

Transportation officials will discuss their findings with the community next month to help determine what specific recommendations to make in the fall.

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