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Cinder, the black bear cub burned in the Carlton complex wildfires, is moving to Idaho for the winter.

The veterinarian for Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, where Cinder has been recovering since August, has released the cub from his medical care, and Cinder will leave Sunday for the Idaho Black Bear Rehabilitation Center to hibernate for the winter, according to a post on the organization’s Facebook page.

In the spring, once Cinder’s now-healed paws have had a chance to toughen up, she will be released into the wild, the post said.

Cinder was found under a horse trailer in the Methow Valley, where a fire burned about 400 square miles and destroyed 300 homes. The bear had suffered third-degree burns on her paws. A state Department of Fish and Wildlife officer captured her, and a volunteer pilot flew Cinder to California. When she arrived at Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care on Aug. 4, she weighed only 39 pounds. At her latest weigh-in, Cinder was up to 83 pounds.