Each week, we highlight some of the most interesting or insightful reader comments on recent Seattle Times articles. Excerpts have been lightly edited for spelling, grammar and punctuation.

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Jon Talton column: Runaway executive pay is distorting the economy and aggravating inequality

“I would quibble with the article’s criticism of the notion of a corporation being driven first and foremost by the objective of increasing shareholder value. Shareholders are not some elite group of mustache-twirling, money-obsessed villains living in mansions or penthouses who look down their noses at the unwashed masses. Rather, they are people like you and me: average, everyday folks with 401(k)s and other personal investment instruments, and/or people who are part of a defined benefit pension plan that is managed by custodians who are charged with getting a positive return on the pension fund. And most of us would like to see a solid return on our investments so we can achieve our savings goals, most importantly for most of us, a financially sound retirement.” — kwa829 (July 19)

Danny Westneat column: Bad omen: Even the Catholics are growing frustrated with Seattle’s efforts on homelessness

“A lot of the people I’ve worked with over the years support something like: 1) a regional approach, 2) that disperses temporary housing sites across the region (outside of cities, in small towns) to disrupt drug distribution channels, 3) to classify the individuals in temporary housing and filter them depending on their situation (indigent, mentally incompetent, down on luck, criminal, etc.); then to build out channels or reinforce existing resources that act as permanent / long term housing (e.g. mental health institutions, prisons, work rehabilitation programs, work program in rural areas with labor needs, etc.).” — GottaPayTheTrollsToll (July 20)

Where were you on July 20, 1969? Readers share their memories of the moon landing

“Me and about 100 other folks ‘watched’ the moon landing from atop the Space Needle on the night of the 20th. There were lines for all the telescopes.” — Old Maricaibo (July 20)

King County Ombuds says ethics investigation of Executive Dow Constantine is in ‘the public interest’

“Dow said, ‘If I knew that Kevin had this misperception, I could have corrected it. We wanted him to make the venue successful, nobody cares who pours the beer and wine.’ That’s the crux of the issue: People do care who pours the beer and wine, and you can’t just give anyone you please a King County contract without following the law.” — Dave Mcquire (July 21)


‘I love you, Seattle fans’: Finally, Mariners legend Edgar Martinez joins the Baseball Hall of Fame

“Gar is a terrific symbol of what Seattle baseball was during his era… Congratulations to him on a richly-deserved honor. A big shout-out, too, to the sportswriters and HOF voters who, year after year, kept Edgar’s name in contention, talked him up, lobbied other voters, and just wouldn’t quit promoting him, even as his window of opportunity seemed to be closing.” — Phremont (July 21)

“I’m not even a big sports fan, and am thrilled to see this. Edgar has deserved the honor for a long time.” — KittiGal (July 21)

Seattle could be next to try Dutch-style bike-friendly intersection design

“I like the design in that it gives pedestrians more protection from right-turning cars as well — a little more visibility and space. Between the choice to change light timing or this design, this seems more friendly to all users, vehicles included. Nobody wants to be responsible for hitting a pedestrian or cyclist with their car.” — trickybits (July 23)

“This… actually seems like a good idea. As long as they don’t go around messing with intersections and lanes they’ve already modified, this seems like a good way to move ahead. Then, as the lanes and intersections they’ve recently updated come up for maintenance, go ahead and update them to the new model when appropriate.” — nkopp (July 23)

Metro expected to sell monthly parking permits at crowded park-and-ride lots

“Some sort of permitting has seemed appropriate for years … The $60 to $120 price seems a bit steep, if you are trying to encourage people to get out of their cars. Taking the value of my time into account, and the convenience of driving, it is an easy decision to drive if you compare the cost of transit $200 (with parking) compared to $350 for downtown parking.” — posse_on_broadway (July 23)

“Just to comment on all the math [in other comments], there are costs of driving solo beyond just the parking fees — namely, gas, potentially tolls, wear and tear on your vehicle, etc.” — Emily M. (July 23)


Meet the Auburn teenager who stars as voice of ‘Molly of Denali’ on PBS

“There is so much to love about this. My 3- and 5-year-old boys think Molly is the coolest kid, and they are so proud to see their Native culture reflected in a show. Sovereign Bill does a wonderful job voicing the character, and it’s fun to learn that she’s a local kid herself. We’re big fans. Mahsi Cho, PBS!” — K_Mat (July 24)

Train tracks on the I-90 floating bridge? Sound Transit is building them now.

“So great to see this progress! It’s going to be really different in a few years when we have real mass transit to the Eastside, Northgate, Shoreline, Lynnwood, etc. ” — marine_vet (July 24)

King County Board of Health to examine recent sewage spill that closed beaches around Puget Sound

“Yes, why in the world isn’t there auxiliary power? These plants are antiquated and overburdened. They need substantial upgrades. Also, our sewers need to be fixed/rebuilt so that they don’t overflow every time a little dampness comes down from the sky.” — BrandX (July 24)

HOV-lane cheaters are about to face steeper fines in Washington state

“I’ve been using the HOV lanes solo for something like 12 years now. Five days a week, at least two trips a day. Know how many times I’ve been pulled over in that 12 years? Zero. I see maybe one person who’s gotten pulled over per month. They can raise the rates to $10,000 per infraction; won’t matter any. Especially since it’s basically impossible to pull someone over for a significant portion of the year thanks to the 4 p.m. sunsets and the gray weather that makes it impossible to see in the vehicle.” — Lamethrowers (July 24)

“Unless they start enforcing the law about the allowed amount of darkness in tinted windows, cheaters will continue to cheat.” — user1011900 (July 25)

Feds look again at reintroducing grizzly bears to North Cascades

“Spotted a grizzly at Cutthroat Pass 30 years ago — thrilling. Hope they can increase the population. When I was a ranger, I documented the first return of grizzlies to Grand Teton National Park (1976), and they now have moved throughout Jackson Hole without any major incident. With commensurate introduction of wolves to Yellowstone, the elk population is much more healthy.” — Ugly Dougly (July 25)

“As someone who grew up hiking in those mountains, I can’t help but be a bit conflicted about adding a potentially lethal animal to the mix.” — Sea68 (July 25)