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Robert D. Hitt was charged today with nine felony counts in connection with Monday’s break-in at a University District home, where police said he tied up six young women. The charges include: first-degree burglary; two counts of first-degree robbery; and six counts of first-degree kidnapping.

Hitt allegedly broke into the home, tied up the victims, threatened them at knifepoint and forced one of them to remove her clothes. Two other women who were in other rooms at the house were able to call police. The victims are students at the University of Washington.

Prosecutors also added sexual motivation allegations in connection with the burglary and kidnapping charges related to the alleged victim Hitt is accused of forcing to undress. Deadly-weapon enhancements were added to each of the charges, along with an allegation of rapid recidivism since Hitt was released from prison Jan. 10, less than two months before committing the alleged crimes.

If convicted, Hitt faces a life sentence under the state’s “Two Strikes” law for repeat sex offenders. He will be arraigned on March 21.