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What could be more boring than yet another public-service announcement reminding you how to prepare for earthquakes and other disasters?

Especially one with a crudely drawn cartoon?

But Bellevue’s Office of Emergency Management is sending that familiar message in the form of a video that jumps out of the usual ho-hum genre.

The words, delivered by a Sasquatch family and band, “Liv and the Survivors,” are delivered with an infuriatingly catchy rock beat and driving vocal recorded by musically inclined city bureaucrat, Inness Pryor.

Heaven help us if we end up walking around singing:

“Gotta survive, gotta stay alive,

“Gotta have supplies and a master plan.

“Gotta know your neighbors,

“Gotta build your kits,

“Gotta lend a helping hand.”

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.