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The Associated Press

The only survivor among those shot in a Seattle cafe massacre says he had just politely told a customer he’d have to leave and turned away to make the man a free cup of coffee to go when the first bullet was fired.

Cafe Racer cook Leonard Meuse told KOMO-TV that the first shot on May 30 hit his left armpit, piercing a lung, grazing his liver, grazing his kidneys and just missing his heart.

Meuse recalls collapsing, knowing he’d been shot by customer Ian Stawicki and listening as the man shot other cafe patrons, fatally injuring four.

Meuse said Monday it was clear to him Stawicki wanted everyone dead — shooting the victims once and “then he double-tapped everyone.” Finally came a second shot for Meuse — a bullet that shattered his jaw.

Stawicki later killed a woman in downtown Seattle, then killed himself several hours later as police closed in.