Thumping music and bingo calls rang out in Burien’s Town Square Park on Saturday for three lively rounds of drag queen bingo throughout the day. Burien Pride organized the outdoor event to celebrate LGBTQ+ people and culture while complying with restrictions to curb the spread of coronavirus. (LGBTQ+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning, with the + denoting everything along the gender and sexuality spectrum.)

Blustery winds made the game a physical as well as mental challenge, as bingo sheets and balls kept getting caught in the gusts. “This wig is about 100 extra pounds, so I think the stage is OK,” said Louvel, the drag queen emcee for the morning event.

Louvel said she’s been performing in drag for about a decade and has missed the energy of crowds while in quarantine. “For what it is this year, it’s fabulous,” she said. “Being able to see everyone is so beautiful.”

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